time sözcüğünün anlamı

İçerisinde time İfadesi Geçen Sözcükler
a good time
all the time
any old time
any time
at no time
at the present time
at the same time
at the time
at this time
be in time for
be pinched for time
before time
bide one's time
dinner time
every time
father time
for a long time
for the nth time
for the time being
for the umpteenth time
gain time
have a good time
have a good time
have enough time
having hard time
heaps of time
in double time
in good time
in no time
in the nick of time
long time
mark time
meet for the first time
right on time
rollicking time
serve one's time
spare time
study time
take time off
time after time
time and again
time exposure
time lag
time of life
var in expressions of time
vt tapası (variable time fuze)
waste smb.'s time
waste time
well another time perhaps !

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