on sözcüğünün anlamı

İçerisinde on İfadesi Geçen Sözcükler
alight on
alight on one's feet
attend on smb.
bargain on
base on
base oneself on
be a charge on smb.
be down on smb.
be getting on in years
be hung up on
be on a diet
be on a par with
be on cloud nine
be on fire
be on guard duty
be on smb.'s side
be on strike
be on the air
be on the look-out for
be on the loose
be on the rampage
be on the wane
be on thorns
be predicated on
be riding on air
be sold on
be stuck on
be sweet on smb.
beam on smb.
bear down on
bear hard on
bestow hand on smb.
blow the whistle on
blunder on
break in on
bring disgrace on smb.
cast a cloud on smth.
cast a slur on
cast a spell on
cast a suspicion on
cast reflection on smb.
catch on
catch up on
cheer on
clamp the lid on smth.
clap on
close on
cotton on to
count on
crawl on all fours
cut down on
çıkarmak opp put on (v) giymek
dawn on
dead-set on
default on
distrain on
double up on
down on one's luck
drain on the purse
draw a bead on
drop in on
drug on the market
dwell on
elaborate on smth.
encroach on
enter on
fall back on
fallen on hard times
figure on
fob off smth. on smb.
follow on
from now on
front on to
further on
get a grip on
get a hard on
get a line on
get a move on
get on
get on one's nerves
get on the gravy train
getting on with
go back on
go down on one's knees to
go on a bat
go on a spree
go on for
go on holiday
go on sale
go on shank's pony
go on strike
go on the booze
go on the rampage
go on the razzle-dazzle
go on the stump
go on tour
going on
grass on smb.
grate on the ear
grow on trees
have a crush on smb.
have a hard on
have a jag on
have down on smb.
have smb. on
have smb. on the payroll
have the edge on smb.
hinge on
hipped on
hire on
hold on to
hop on
horn in on
hurl oneself on
impose oneself on
keen on
keep a tight rein on
keep on (with gerund)
keep on the right side of
keep tabs on
key on
lash out on
lay it on
lay it on thickly
lay it on with a trowel
lay stress on
let out on hire
let smth. prey on one's mind
lie heavy on smb.
lock on
look on
look with favour on
make conditional on
make reprisals on
marine growth on the bottom platings
mısraları on ikişer heceli şiir
move on
muddle on
noel günü [ on christmas day ]
not rely on
on a diet
on a knife-edge
on a large scale
on a par with
on a sudden
on account

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