off sözcüğünün anlamı

İçerisinde off İfadesi Geçen Sözcükler
a long way off
açmak opp turn off (v) kapamak
bad off
badly off
bang off
be pissed off
bite off
bite smb.'s head off
branch off
break off
bring off
broken off
brush off
bugger off
bump off
buzz off
call it off
calling off
cast off the anchor
chip off
chop off
come off it!
come off the boil
count off
cry off
dash off
day off
die off
doze off
drowse off
edge off
falling off
far off
fight off
fine off
flying off
fob off smth. on smb.
fob smb. off
get off
get off (a bus
go off at half-cock
go off the deep end
go off the rails
have it off
hit it off with smb.
hold off
hoot off
hop off
keep off
kick off
lie off
loose off
loose off at
lop off
make off with
marry off
nod off
number off
off chance
off form
off one's chump
off one's onion
off one's rocker
off the beaten track
off the record
order off
pack off
pair off
palm off
pare off
partition off
peel off
pension off
pick off
pinch off
prune off
quaff off
reel off
round off
run off
rush smb. off one's feet
saw off
score smb. off
scour off
seal off
see someone off
sell off
shade off
shade off into
sheer off
shoot off
shoot off one's mouth
sign off
siphon off
skive off
slink off
slip off
slope off
snap off
spirit off
splinter off
split off
square off
stand off
stave off
step off
stop off
straight off
strain off
strike off
strip off
swear off
sweep smb. off his feet
switch off
syphon off
take off one's clothes
take time off
taking off one's clothes
talk the hind legs off a donkey
taper off
tear off
tell off
tick off

off ile İlgili Görseller