by sözcüğünün anlamı

İçerisinde by İfadesi Geçen Sözcükler
abide by one's word
advise v. (advesed] be advived by me
affected by
be a sufferer by
be attacked by rabies
be contaminated by
be overcome by
be possessed by
be possessed by fear
be taken by
be transmitted by
by a majority
by accident
by all means
by all. accounts
by and large
by any chance
by any means
by change
by choice
by coincidence
by contrast with
by degrees
by design
by devious means
by far
by force
by god
by herself
by himself
by hook or by crook
by inches
by itself
by jerks
by land
by leaps
by leaps and bounds
by mistake
by night
by no means
by pieces
by post
by retail
by rote
by slow degrees
by snatches
by stealth
by the same token
by the way
by trade
by walking
by wholesale
by yourself
cheek by jowl
day by day
do by
fall by the wayside
fast by
forbidden by religion
get the wrong sow by the ear
go by the board
hard by
inch by inch
lay by
learn by heart
learn by rote
little by little
meet by chance
not by a fraction
one by one
payment by anticipation
profit by
roll by
secure by patent
secured by a patent
seize by the neck
sell by auction
signalize oneself by
stand by smb.'s side
stick by
stop by
take an example by
take by surprise
take smb. by the scruff of the neck
word by word

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